IC 26 - Life Insurance Finance


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Exam and Question Bank details

The Insurance Institute of India offers Associateship exams which consists of various papers either in Life or Non-Life or Combined.

Each paper contains 100 Multiple Choice Questions. The duration for the exam is 2 hours. There is no Negative Marks for wrong answers.

TOP4SURE offers you the ‘Question Bank’ for IC 26 exam which includes various Practice Tests along with Two Very Important LAST DAY REVISION Tests and Two REAL FEEL Tests. In all, we have selected the most important 600 practice question and answers so that you don’t need to go through thousands of questions.

TOP4SURE has provided explanations for almost every answer so that you understand it very well and remember easily. Also, detailed step by step solutions are provided to the mathematical problems. 

Once you go through the TOP4SURE IC 26 ‘Question Bank’, you will surely get the confidence to clear your exam.

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