IC 14 - Regulation of Insurance Business

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Exam and Question Bank details

Licentiate exam is the most essential introductory level course which includes two compulsory papers i.e., Principles of Insurance and Practice of Insurance (life and non life). Apart from this there is an optional paper from the curriculum of the professional exam.

Licentiate exam can be broadly categorized in two categories:

  1. Licentiate exam for life insurance
  1. Principles of insurance (IC 01)
  2. Practice of life insurance (IC 02)
  3. Regulation of business insurance (IC 14)
  1. Licentiate exam for general insurance
  1. Principles of insurance (IC 01)
  2. Regulation of business insurance (IC 14)
  3. Practice of general insurance (IC 11)


Each exam consists of 100 Multiple Choice Questions. A candidate can pass the licentiate exam only when he/she clears the two compulsory papers with a minimum score of 60 credit points in each subject. The duration for the exam is 2 hours. There is no Negative Marks for wrong answers.

Licentiate exam not only have good industry reputation but it also opens your door to advance insurance agent exams such as associateship and fellowship exams.

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